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Project Description
Library to make building DeepZoom images and PivotViewer collections simpler.


Before Pivot was announced as a SL control during MIX 2010 I was building a very large DeepZoom based project called DeepTalks. Among other things, it contains a plug-in architecture that will allow rendering of complex and large files (like large PDF's and PPTs).

This project is an attempt to pull out the common bits of hte library for general use. When Pivot came along this was an obvious addition to this library. The source code currently has the following:
  • Code to DeepZoom an image
  • Code to produce a Pivot collection based on images (and DeepZoom process them).

And the following has yet to be ported (though you can see the start of some of it in the source code if you look carefully):
  • Plug-in system to render arbitrary files, URI's, etc.

Current Status

This package has been stable for a long time, and the release was, basically, by source code. Now engineering it to work with nuget. While that is happening, it is going to transition back to alpha status! In particular, the DeepZoom capabilities may have been compromised in the recent releases.

The package will transition to real status when:
  • nuget release as package DeepZoomPivotConstructor
  • PivotCollection updating and rendering works
  • DeepZoom image updating and rendering works
  • Some simple test code to render a DZ image and a PivotViewer as an example to get started.


There is another good looking Pivot library out there (see associated projects) and I've taken as inspiratoin its interface. Nice job!

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